Services During Construction

Geotechnical Engineering is the application of geology, mechanics, hydraulics and strength of materials in solving problems related to earth materials. This blend of technical disciplines is essential in predicting the behavior of a soil or rock mass in response to nature or man-made changes in loading, surface water or pore fluid conditions. Our experience and expertise in geology, civil engineering and geotechnical engineering has produced quality and cost effective investigations, engineering evaluations and designs for a number of large, small and environmentally sensitive projects. Our engineering and design services include:

  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Rock and soil reinforcement
  • Excavation evaluation and shoring
  • Water cutoffs and seepage barriers
  • Soil and rock anchors
  • Pavements
  • Embankment dams and water conveyance structures
  • Earth and rock fills
  • Earth and rock slope engineering
  • Groundwater evaluations