About Us
Geotechnical Engineers & Construction Materials Consultants

Our Vision

Legacy in Great People and Great Work.

Our Team

Our staff includes dedicated engineers, geologists, technicians, and administrative staff present to support you. Cesare operates an AASHTO-accredited testing laboratory equipped to perform most field and laboratory testing services and a fleet of field equipped vehicles for onsite services.

Our Core Values

Where it starts: Integrity, Reliability and Innovation.

Meet Our Team

William Caires William Caires, C.E.T.
Principal/President/Quality Manager
Darin Duran Darin Duran, P.E.
Principal/Senior Geotechnical Engineer
John Durkin John Durkin, P.E.
Principal/Frederick Office Manager
Ian Cesare Ian Cesare
Summit Office Manager
Craig Vaughn Craig Vaughn, P.E.
Director of Engineering Operations and Business Development
Joseph Cesare Joseph Cesare, P.E., D.GE.
Senior Geotechnical Consultant
William Koechlein William Koechlein, P.E.
Senior Geotechnical Consultant
Aaron Bagley Aaron Bagley, P.E.
Senior Forensic Engineer
Erin Arndt Erin Arndt, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Julia Frazier Julia Frazier, P.G.
Senior Geologist
Ryan Zoetewey Ryan Zoetewey
Construction Materials Group Quality Assurance
Craig Colby Craig Colby, P.E.
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Bonnie Schimmel Bonnie Schimmel, P.E.
Staff Engineer
Jan Wright Jan Wright
Corporate Bookkeeper, Admin Manager