Bike To Work Day-June 28, 2017

On Wednesday, June 28th you are invited to partake in the Bike to Work Day which celebrates bicycling as a clean, fun, and healthy way to get to work. By registering for Bike to Work Day you will be entered to WIN a variety of prizes from concert tickets to hotel stays. You can even win a bicycling trip to Croatia if you participate in the referral program challenge. For more details, login to the website using the link below.
  • Cesare has signed-up to participate in the Business Challenge. The Business Challenge  is for like sized companies to compete against each other to get the most registered participants. The link below will direct you to our company participation page.  
  • Cesare is challenging each office to support the Bike to Work Day. The office with the highest percentage  of registered participants will receive a prize from Cesare.  
  Register by clicking the link below:    
  • Once you have registered you can utilize your login to find breakfast stations, water stations and event along your route to work and from work.
  • Don’t forget to pass along the Bike to Work Day information to your friends and family too.