Boulder County Geologic Hazard Study conducted by Cesare

Cesare recently completed a contract with Boulder County made possible through a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR). This study was completed in part due to the extreme rain event which occurred in September 2013, severely impacting many parts of Boulder County. The project involved working with Land Use team members to inform and update on geologic hazards impacting Boulder County, particularly those which are exacerbated by extreme rain and flood events. Another focus of the project was the identification and prioritization of significant geologic hazards impacting Boulder County. Geologic hazards related to slope stability were the prime focus, and Cesare partnered with TerraCognito GIS Services, Inc. to create high level, county-wide maps depicting landslide and rockfall susceptibility. Other outcomes of this study included delineating the steeply dipping heaving bedrock zone within Boulder County and creation of other GIS datasets to be utilized by Boulder County. These geologic hazard maps, GIS datasets, and updated geotechnical land use guidelines will be integrated into land use decisions and processes.