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Bronze Medalist for USA

A proud moment for Colorado and the USA was when our partner Bill Caires, recently returned from Germany where he was part of the USA field archery team and won the bronze medal. While this isn’t a sport like baseball or football it was an event that was attended by over 3000 people and apparently quite a gathering. The most amazing thing about Bill is that he has only been competing in this field for about 4 or 5 years. In that period of time he has been the United States National Champanion for three of them!


Bill Caires wins the Gold

Bill Caires was awarded the gold medal after taking first place in the bowhunter freestyle limited division at the International Field Archery Association’s North American Field Archery Championships held in Homestead, Florida in December 2010. The competing nations were Canada, Mexico and the USA.

Here is a picture of his “first” Robin Hood of the tournament. Bill then had a second Robin Hood the next day in the Hunter round.


Bill’s gold medal from the IFAA North American Field Archery Championships and his Colorado State Overall Champion belt buckle from 2010.