Construction Materials Service Objectives

It is our intent to provide our clients with construction observation and testing services that bridge the gap between engineering design and the end product. Cesare provides the support needed with positive attitude, professional responsibility, competence, respect, and integrity allowing the project team to progress confidently throughout construction. Cesare, Inc. field services include, but are not limited to:

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  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Earthwork – overlot grading, utility trench backfill, structural backfill, subgrade, base courses, and stabilized soils:
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    • Moisture/density testing
    • Proof roll observation
    • Construction observation
    • Overlot grading
    • Utility trench and structural backfill
    • Subgrade and base
    • Stabilized soils
  • Asphalt pavement
    • Compaction test sections and roller-pass studies
    • Nuclear density testing
    • Coring
    • Sampling
  • Piers and piling
  • Rock bolts, soil nails, and ground anchors
  • Drainage systems
  • Concrete – pavement, sidewalks, and other flatwork, foundations:
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    • Wet properties testing (slump, air, unit weight, temperature)
    • Flexural and compressive strength specimens
    • Coring
    • Tining
    • Rebar pull-testing
    • Microtexture testing
    • NRMCA concrete plant inspections
    • Reinforcing steel and concrete embeds
  • Dowel and tie bar position and alignment via MIT scan
  • Masonry and masonry elements
    • Reinforcing steel and embeds
    • Grout
    • Mortar
    • CMU block
    • Prisms

Representative Projects

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