Geotechnical Engineering & Design

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable geotechnical professionals conduct geotechnical studies to help understand the application of geology, soil mechanics, hydraulics and strength of materials in all phases of the design and construction process. Our experience in geology, forensic engineering and geotechnical engineering provides the basis for professional judgments that result in reliable, sustainable products and solutions. Our support services include:

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  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Excavation evaluation and shoring
  • Swelling soil mitigation
  • Earth and rock slope engineering
  • Earth, rock and deep fills
  • Embankment dams and water conveyance structures
  • Slurry walls and seepage cutoffs
  • Pavement systems and rehabilitation
  • Groundwater and seepage analysis
  • Soil corrosivity
  • Detailed geologic mapping
  • Geologic hazards assessments
  • Rock joint studies and kinematic analyses
  • Excavatability studies
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Aggregate resource assessments

Subsurface Investigation

Drilling in Black Hawk 2-smaller

To facilitate the success of a project, we work to understand the subsurface distribution of soil and rock materials, groundwater, their engineering properties and their interaction with project elements by employing the following means, when and where appropriate, to conduct subsurface studies:

  • Auger borings
  • Odex
  • Rotary drilling
  • Rock coring
  • Continuous sampling
  • Limited access
  • Exploratory pits or trench excavation and mapping
  • Sampling (i.e. modified California, split spoon and Shelby tubes)
  • Instrument installations (i.e. inclinometers, piezometers)