Laboratory Services


Laboratory Services

It is our intent to provide our clients with the most competent and reliable laboratory testing, design and research options available, period. We specialize in construction materials related, but not limited to:
  • Aggregates
  • Concrete
  • Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Soil

We are AASHTO Accredited and US Army Corps of Engineers Validated. Our quality management system complies with and is accredited under AASHTO R18, ASTM C1077 (Aggregate & Concrete), ASTM D3666 (Aggregate and Asphalt mixture), ASTM D3740 (Soil), and ASTM E329 (Aggregate, Asphalt Mixture, Concrete and Soil)

Quality Management System R18, C1077 (Aggregate), C1077 (Concrete), D3666 (Aggregate), D3666 (Asphalt Mixture), D3740 (Soil), E329 (Aggregate), E329 (Asphalt Mixture), E329 (Concrete), E329 (Soil) Asphalt Mixture CP-L 5106, CP-L 5115, R47, R68, T30, T164 (Mineral Matter Not Determined), T166, T209, T245, T246, T269, T283, T308, T312, D1560 (Stability), D2041, D2172 (Mineral Matter Not Determined), D2726, D2950, D3203, D4867, D5444, D6307, D6925, D6926, D6927 Soil T89, T90, T99, T176, T180, T190, T208, T216, T224, T236, T265, T288, T310, D698, D1140, D1557, D2166, D2216, D2419, D2435, D2487, D2844, D4318, D4546, D4718, D4972, D6913, D6938 Aggregate T2, T11, T19, T21, T27, T84, T85, T96, T104, T112, T176, T248, T255, T304, T335, C29, C40, C88, C117, C127, C128, C131, C136, C142, C566, C702, C1252, C1260, C1567, D75, D2419, D4791, D5821 Concrete M201, R39, R60, T22, T23, T24, T97, T119, T121, T152, T160, T198, T231, T277, T309, C31, C39, C42, C78, C138, C143, C157, C172, C192, C231, C496, C511, C617 (7000 psi and below), C779, C1064, C1138, C1202, C1231 (7000 psi and below), C1260, C1567 Masonry M201 / C511 (Moist Cabinets, Moist Rooms, and Water Storage Tanks Used in the testing of Hydraulic Cements and Concretes) C780 (Annex 6) (Preconstruction and Construction Evaluation of Mortars for Plain and Reinforced Unit Masonry) C1019 (Sampling and Testing Grout)

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